SAP in mm

This blog post is about SAP in material management. This blog post explains my experience while learning SAP for material management.

This blog post gives some insights about to learn SAP in MM based on my experience. Now I am experienced consultant able to work more than a module now.

While you are starting to learn SAP in MM, you have to first ask the trainer about syllabus and check experience and find his exposure in SAP websites. Like or community website.

First you start with learning SAP organizational structure, here you should learn SPRO menu. How this menu needs to be used for creating company, company code, plant, storage location, purchase organization and purchase group.

Every day you need to practice to create or define these organizational master data, first you have to define each organizational elements.

When you are learning SAP in mm, you are supposed to have set or block, you have to keep set of data, every day you need to create each block or set of masters.

One block can have all organizational structure or whole master data of SAP in mm. So each you have to work on learning or relearning the each block.

Blocks of SAP in material management

Block 01 – Organizational structure, Block 02 – Master data, Block 03 – Contract, Scheduling agreement, Purchase order creation, purchase requisition creation, Block 04 – Whole STO (one Step, Two Step, By STO creation), Block 05 – STO with or without delivery with or without billing, Block 06 – Pricing procedure, Block 06 – Release procedure, Block 07 – MRP function, Block 08 – Month end activity, Year End activity, Tables.

Each day you have to create or work on each block, totally you have to focus these steps to master in sap in mm. Practice makes impossible things in your life.

And you have to download sample resume from different website, make of notes from the resume to prepare your resume, you have to be able to answer all the questions by panelist, you will get good insights from sample resume or experienced consultant resume.

Download all the interview questions from many website and prepare the answers for each questions and have a note of the questions asked in each interview, write the answers for each questions.

Talk to the friends who is working in SAP as a consultant and ask them how they are working and ask them share their experience while taking the interview.

All the best guys and hope you will get good job in SAP, this blog is not only MM consultant and also other consultant too, only thing you have to change here is you have to keep your own module masters in each block and attack this.


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