Reverse Search for Image
Reverse Search Image

Reverse Search for Image

Before we know about reverse search for image, we should understand what reverse search is.

Normally, the information will be retrieved from websites using search engine based on the help of keyword we feed into the search engine.

In reverse search, the information will be used as a keyword which will be fed into the search engine and the search engine gives the output of the origins of the information from where a particular image is available or can be retrieved related images.

So, it is finding the source where it is published first and shows us related images.

Actually, what is Search image?

This search by images displays the websites or source of information where the same content is used, or where it is taken or downloaded from.

This method helps in finding plagiarism of the content on any website. So this concept is used by many websites for providing plagiarism services.

If anybody wanted to check where the document, images, or content theft from any other resources, this method is helping them to fetch the data and gives full information about the theft.

In print media, journalists and photographers can use this method to know where the origination of the data.

They can take the date when the data is published on the internet.

Reverse Search Image

Nowadays search engine allows us to search with the image also not only with the texts.

For example, Google’s “Search by Image” option helps the user to get information about the image where this image is used on the internet.

Photographers could claim the ownership of the image from their portfolio by utilizing this feature of reverse image search if any image used without his or her permission.

Google Search by Image feature helps us to discover similar images by visual from around the web.

Reverse Image Search working

To use this feature in “search by Image” the image needs to be uploaded from the desktop and while pressing the search button you will get the related images used in the websites.

The different sizes of the photos and similar images will be displayed based on the image search made by any user.

If you receive any suspicious photos or images from anybody and if you want to check the credibility of the particular images you can use this method.

This feature is provided by many vendors in website form and the android app also.

The same steps need to be followed in the android application which provides this feature, upload the image, and hit the search button, the details and results will be shown on the screen.

Example for Reverse Image search

In Google, the Search by Image feature allowed any user by the website only, and mobile phones are not allowed through Google Image search. You can download Google Lens App.

But there are apps on android phones or iPhone is allowing to search the same.

Best Reverse image search Engine & tools

  1. Google Images

It is very obvious if anybody wants to search for anything, they hit Google first. The same case is here, Google is a very good tool to search for any content from the web.

Google Image is the same as the Google search engine but the only thing change here you can use the image URL or you can upload the image from the desktop.

Using this search, you can get a bunch of websites where this image is used.

You can use keywords also for searching the images. It is a good tool.

  1. Yahoo Image Search

Yahoo Image search is the best tool to search for information on images by keywords. On Yahoo, you can find the images very professional way.

Yahoo will take pictures from various websites or free image photos stock and the same will be displayed to download and you can find the filter on license in the right corner on each search.

By clicking this, you can well picture for your usage.

  1. Bing Image Search

This is also another image search engine for your references, and you can download it for your references.

Bing also works as same way as Google and other search engines. And same as Yahoo you can find the filter to download the free to use images

  1. Pinterest Visual Search Tool

You must sign up and get an account to use this tool. This is very nice tool as this websites handle different photos in all niche, and covers most of the media.

Pinterest enhances the images with the help of zoom feature and you can zoom the images and enjoys the strong pixels.

  1. TinEye Reverse Image search

This is Canada based search engine and this is first image search engine used the image to identify for searching by identifying the images.

This has the extension for google chrome and you can search images by the image or URL. This is very good tool and designed especially for this search.

  1. Flickr Explorer

Flickr is another one image search engine website that contains very good photos which is taken by individuals or group of people. Mostly bloggers use the images for their blogger from this website.

Flickr is American media hosting company started at 2004.

Flickr helps in two way in image management by allowing to download and allowing to upload as sharing the media storage.

  1. Shutterstock

This is American stock provider of photography stocks and media contents.

This allows us to search the images by using the keywords and you can upload the reference photos to get all other related images from this search engine.

You can drag and drop the images and you can search with the file also.

  1. Getty Images

Getty images help by supplying royalty-free images and Getty allows its user to get the images based on the keyword search and by image uploads.

  1. Picsearch

This is one of the image search engines that provides the images based on the keyword search. This is a Swedish company that develops and provides image search services for large websites.

  1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is helping the bloggers in many ways and they are providing services in reverse image search also.

  1. Yandex

Yandex is a Russian search engine website that provides reverse image search support. Yandex have lots of images on stock and competing with major search engines. You can get a lot of similar images from Yandex based on the search.

  1. Creative Commons

Creative Commons also provides this feature and the user can get the images and this is a non-profit organization.

  1. Search by Image

This is the android app available in the google store that can be used for Reverse Image search and it is providing images from another website to the mobile app.

This app can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

  1. Photo sherlock

This app provides the images based on the reverse image search by camera and Gallery photos.

  1. Reversee

Reversee is an iPhone app that can be used to get a reverse image search. This app can be used only on Apple mobile phones or tablets.

  1. Google Lens

Google lens is another android app supporting the reverse image and it is helping the user in a lot many ways and they are involved in translation too.

  1. Duplichecker

The duplichecker is one of the websites of reverse image search and supports other applications too. They are also helping the content creator to know about plagiarism.

  1. Veracity

The Veracity is the iPhone app available in store and this can be used to do reverse image function from Apple gadgets.

  1. is one of them and providing other services too. You can search with keywords and URL both. There are many options provided by them for doing reverse image search.

You can do the search by domain, you can use any country wise search engine, competitor domain you can use.

  1. Camfind

Camfind find is one of the apps in the Andriod Play store and you can take the picture and search for related images.

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