The year 2020 is the fire year or worst year. We can define 2020 with this word. Because a lot of wildfires happened on three continents and another side is Covid-19 in the year 2020.

These wildfires are very high in terms of spread and spoiled many of the trees, plants, and species over the three continents.

Humans and any species doesn’t like wild fires.

Is this possible to off wild fire? This is very possible to off any fire while the beginning stage of the smokes. If it is the beginning stage, there will not be much fire. So, it is very easy to off without many efforts.

The cost and effort of managing the fire while the beginning stage is so less. The fire department is no need to take much effort.

If the fire off on the early stage, this issue will not be treated as a national issue and fire will be at a controlled level.

Sometimes this huge fire is in the state where nobody can do or think of any solution. What we could do if this wildfire is within a 20 km radius fully.

Can you plan anything with 20 km of wildfire? No right. If rains come that suspends all the fire. That should happen but unfortunately, that switch is not with us. That is nature call only.

To indicate these fires the detection systems are there but this takes hours or days for detecting this fire in the wild.

When coming to the satellites also takes so many days to give the full picture of what just happening in the wild.

So, it is very important to detect the wildfire once the fire just started. But technology here helps us to detect these fires before it is happening and not once started.

Here we are going to discuss IoT – Internet of things. This helps us to detect the fire at an early stage and that is before these fires happen.

This Environmental IoT is designed and verified in various locations and successfully recorded all the fire wherever applied and used to show on the dashboard in a Trial.

This facility is provided by the Dryad network, a Startup Company, in Germany founded by Carsten Brinkschulte.

This is the environmental IoT continuously measure and share the quality of the air particles like – temperature, pressure, smell, color.

The sensor continuously senses and supplies the condition of the air through the data connectivity to the cloud system.

Using the edge system fitted in the IoT on forest remote location will be monitored for ultra-early detection of Wildfire – Internet of Trees.

This IoT equipment built by Dryad can be in any remote area and this IoT is responding very fast once the fire is detected.

About Dryad Network

The digitizing the forest and protecting the wildlife is the primary motto of Dryad. This helps in the public interest and if any help is required to protect private firms also Dryad helps.

Dryad IoT equipment helps in monitoring, analyzing, protecting, and informing the department about the fire. This equipment helps the forest to handle ineffective ways and changes the forest from a non-profit to a very profitable business.

Dryad Network’s Environmental IoT consists of the following components

  1. Solar System Supported Environmental Sensor
  2. AI-based air particle detection system
  3. Long Range IoT Network – LoRan WAN
  4. User interface connected with a cloud system
  5. Edge system

Dryad network gateways used a multi-hop mesh network that covers very large forest for connectivity more than 12 KM where LoRa WAN covers 10+ KM range for transmitting data to the cloud.

This technology makes a communication network for a large forest where the mobile network coverage is not possible.

Dryad gateways access the Dryad cloud platform using LTE-NB IoT wireless, Satellite.

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