Days are gone that taking the readings and numbers from the measurement for knowing the status of the equipment, beings, fuel, electric etc.

People find difficulties to measure one parameter from things that they have to reach the things in physical, they have to use apparatus for measuring those parameter, they have feed the received from the measurement process to the computation and once found the results need to take necessary actions.

The accuracy of the measurement is very questionable and doubtful and taking the decision-based observation from the measurement results bad result.

Where is efficiency? That is also questionable and of course doubtful.

In case of the measurement area is harmful to the human being and this causes severe damage to the human bodies, they must stop the entire equipment and entire process to take necessary measurement.

And taking the measurement redundantly is not at all possible.

What if a setup helps us to have the safe measuring practises, the possible accurate reading, minute by minute update of measurement into the system

Here we go and talk about a thing called as Internet of Things.

As name says this thing will be connected always with the internet and exchange information from devices to device or device to computer or human being.

What is Internet of Things?

The Internet of things(IOTs)  is whole setup which have devices, mechanical measurement apparatus, small equipment, sensors, electrical elements, digital media connected with high speed internet helps in communicating device to device or device to human or device to cloud computing or computing to human.

What are the applications of IOTs?

This IOT can be connected with equipment where the temperature measures and every second the status of the temperature will be updated in cloud system without human intervention and without stopping any equipment.

Same case can be applied for pressure, and if this collected values are not accurate, once engineers can validate and make necessary arrangement and correct this setup to have accurate values then we sit and watch, rest goes on the desire way.

IOT can be coupled with camera where the facial recognition can be done, and the data can be collected, and relevant data can be accessed from cloud system.

The captured videos can be mapped for aligned data and this align data validates the further data in cloud system, the data can be compared with master videos which is embedded, and related data can be retrieved.

The humidity of the location can be collected with the help of IOT where the person cannot go frequently. They can create IOT setup for measuring the humidity of that location. No need to go there in person. IOT setup works same way as human to collect the humidity.

Wherever human is not able to reach the location there the internet of things setup can be made from where the information can be exchanged to the cloud.

Undersea – frequent visit can not be done by human beings in certain sea level where the information needs for monitoring species and other things. This can be achieved by IOTs with sea setup.

In military side to ensure the security and safeguarding the position the setup can be created with the help of IOT technology where every minute movement of enemies can be captured if anything goes uncontrollable.

In Health care the IOT enabled devices will be connected in mobile manner to animals, elders and child to know the status of the parameter of the human or animal body.

How Internet of Things work?

A web enabled, high internet speed connected, sensor inbuilt, embedded mechanical electronical device will be setup near to the source of the data receives and send the data from and to the cloud system.

This IOT devices can be built with smart devices and high-performance software to collect, analyse and convert, the setup can be made to trigger other devices also.

This technology uses sensors which is sensing the certain state of the environment that can be represent by the numerical value.

The embedded and digital system converts this reading to the human readable data that is also can be understood by the cloud computing technology.

This reading can be sent as a signal from mobile device to the cloud computing which connects all the system in an organisation. Here wherever this data required to analyse will be shared and decision can be taken by human or computer after analysing.

AI, Machine Learning and Edge Computing

This IOTs are now interconnected with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Edge computing so that the next activity will be triggered, and the system takes immediate decision by the help of machine learning and action will be carried out by AI.

5G Internet

Another technology is also evolved to the next level. That is internet. The transformation of internet is now from 4G to 5G which is very high in terms connectivity. If this helps the IOT technology further the improvement can be expected that changes the current business to the next level.

The way we are solving the current problem will be changed and new dimensional application will be built by the corporates or individuals.

Let us go to the Conclusion. Need is the mother of invention, once all computing works are enabled in the world this satisfies basic need of human beings and another need is raised to satisfy the need of human being. These secondary needs are automating the process, removing the human intervention, cost effective work and getting accurate work process and productivity. This is achieved by the IOT integrated with other technologies. Let us wait for third level needs and wait another technology to come. There may be raise of new technology called 3D-IOT. Who knows.


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