What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation. The machines are interconnected to the networking system and integrated with smart devices.

These machines communicate with each other for the status of manufacturing. And these machines are completely integrated with the communication system, networking system, connected with the internet, and using the internet of things (IoT).

These equipment and machines are connected with the latest arrivals like Data Science, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial intelligence.

The latest technology added to the existing equipment to increase the profit, decrease cost, improve efficiency, and make connected vehicles.

This improves automation more than what is made in the third generation to the fourth generation.

This is made to collect the real-time data and responding to take immediate action as per the data received from the machinery.

The sensors fitted with the equipment and machinery connected to the LoRaWAN type signal transmitter that connects the cloud system where every minute’s status will be updated.

And Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data science help in taking autonomous decision making and triggering required activity.

Industry 1.0

The revolution first industrialization has happened with the invention of Steam engines for transportation. This steam facilitates transportation to the industry.

Once the industry produces the goods, they can be able to transfer the material produced from one place to another place.

This is the 1st revolution that happened 18th century in industrialization.

Industry 2.0

The second revolution of industrialization was carried out with the invention of electricity. The invention of electricity is the starting point of the automation in industry.

The approach of industrial production is completely changed and gone to different levels. The invention of electricity in aided the facilitating transportation.

Industry 3.0

Next, the computers came into the picture of industrialization. This gives a new way to the industries to the next level.

The documentation of all communication gone through computer technologies where emails also helped.

The designing and planning of the production, operation, and services are carried with the help of computer software.

Industry 4.0

Now the advanced level of information technology and computer technology started to drive whole industrial products and services.

The intelligent computer technologies, networking of all machines and equipment in the industry, asset tracking, predictive preventive maintenance, autonomous decision-making process, communication between machines and humans, connected vehicles and connected machinery, advanced computation, and analytics are the few players of the fourth industrial revolution.

Integration of Industry 4.0

There are two integration method in industry 4.0 and that is

  1. Vertical Integration
  2. Horizontal Integration

These two methods are the backbone of Industry 4.0 and the most important factors in the smart industry.

Vertical Integration

Vertical integration is about hierarchical levels from machinery sensors to the business level of the company.

Vertical integration assists in business, staffing, and other managerial decision by allowing the production data to the management.

Horizontal Integration

The communication will be arranged between the equipment, machines, and business units and this ensures machines, IoT devices, and work processes are connected seamlessly.

This connects all the equipment and machines and passing the information.

The following technologies are the part of the industry 4.0

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Machine learning
  3. Big Data
  4. Internet of Things
  5. Edge Computing
  6. Fog Computing
  7. Dew Computing
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. 5G network
  10. ERP
  11. MIS
  12. Analytics
  13. Robotics Process
  14. Sensor Technologies
  15. Innovation management
  16. Digital Twin
  17. Cyber Security system
  18. Deep Learning

The result of all the technology usage gives smart outputs like smart home, smart factory, smart grid, smart buildings, smart manufacturing, smart grid, smart security system, smart devices, and smart services.

Experts say that within 2025 all the smart functions and facilities will be implemented all over the world.

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