What is edge computing?

Edge computing is the type of computing which will be located very close to the source of data where the data will be collected, processed and distributed into the cloud system. Edge computing can be an equipment where this equipment will not have any monitors or keyboard but collect the data using sensors.

Edge computing couples with internet of things and cloud system where the sensors actuator and electronic elements will be in-built and the data will be stored in cloud storage.

This edge computing equipment can access internet of things, cloud system, cloud storage and advanced apps where high-speed internet, 5G, can be used for accessing real time data and real time application.

Why edge computer matters?

Manufacturing facilities can have more equipment where engineers are required to every hour monitor the pressure, temperature, health of equipment, breakdown, wear and tear. This equipment can be critical equipment needs more focus to maintain in its functioning.

Or this equipment supports another critical equipment and based on the condition of the equipment the number decision can be taken in order to avoid stoppage and improve continuous working.

Edge computing can be used in camera where this camera will be able to recognize the objects and positioning the matters, if any changes in the position of matter or objects, this change of positions can be communicated to central cloud system in order to take the correction action of particular location.

Edge computing can be coupled with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning this results even more efficient products or process. This reduces human intervention in any of the process and by the way reducing the cost and can have good control.

Privacy and Security

Edge computing increases the processing of the data from one to another. While doing so, there are lot of data storage measure needs to be taken. The cost of the cloud storage will be costed more. When this kind of computing placed in mobile area, there is high chances of theft hence there is no security for data.

End user at the computing equipment location can damage these devices if something is not in his favors.

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