Digital Twin is the technology where it replicates the actual physical objects in digital form. In other words, Digital Twin produces the 3D images as per the imagination made by the engineers and designers.

This technology helps the industry people to have a clear and common understanding of products, services, and processes.

The images or 3D objects can be created by replicating the same physical object which is under discussion and the same digital form can be analyzed, monitored, and verified.

This created a new way to analyze the process, monitor the assets, optimize the maintenance activities, reducing the working hours, and increase productivity

Digital Twin in Products

The object can be viewed as per the imagination, can be analyzed as per the requirement, verify the requirement that whether it is meeting the expectation, and helps in the process where additional changes are required.

The improvement of product design, service feasibility, and process feasibility can be carried out with the help of Digital Twin and required changes can be recorded so that optimized production and reduced cost are possible.

Digital Twin helps to create all the portions of the actual product so the design of the products can be reviewed in each portion of the products.

The defective process can be captured before any product is going for production and every processing step can be captured.

One very good thing about the Digital Twin is that it is replicating human imagination where this can be communicated to others too. This way Digital Twin helps in having a common understanding of anything human imagined.

“If you ask 3 people what the digital twin is, you get 5 answers.

If you ask 3 people what the digital thread is, you get 15 answers.”

– Marc Lind, SVP Strategy, Aras

“Digital Twin is a hot new ’emerging terminology space’,

but this is a real thing, and modeling is at the heart of it.”

– Sky Matthews, CTO, and Fellow, IBM Watson IoT


Digital Thread

Digital Thread is different from Digital Twin, later is for current representation but Digital thread is a representation for the entire life cycle from its creation to last usage.

Digital Twin is the programming tool which is using real-world data and creates simulation as per the instruction given in the program to meet the planned requirement.

Digital Twin uses the concepts of mathematics, data science, and programming languages to create digital models or simulations. These created digital twin programs create actual objects as per the real-world variables used in programs.

Digital Twin solves most of the problems in many industries by providing visual assistance of anything.

How do Digital Twin works?

Digital Twin is the virtual object replicated from an actual or real object – Machines, equipment, asset, and physical sites using sensors.

Digital Twin uses the equipment data, machine data, operational data, manufacturing data, analyzed data, and environmental data.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science concept will be integrated with collected data and analytical algorithms to get meaningful insights and information from virtually created digital objects.

The continuous input of different data and analysis of these inputted data with Digital Twin technology gives a more mature output from the virtual setup developed for Digital Twin.

Application of Digital Twin

Digital Twin concept is the technology will be used in most of the business. This technology can be used to predict the defects, helps in analyzing the complexity, and improve production efficiency.

The application of Digital Twin is more in the following sectors,


Digital Twin helps in manufacturing sectors in different ways, helps in production design, process design, Operation feasibility, and efficient production.

The information collected from real-time equipment and machines can be used to update the current model of physical objects.

Digital Twin changes the way of handling the manufacturing facilities and improve production efficiency.

 Industrial IoT

The integration of IoT with Digital Twin technology changes the way how IoT is used in all its implementation and creates more value-added data to the industries.

Now the industries can locate the problem occurrence area in equipment and machines with the help of combined technology – IoT with Digital Twin.

This shows the users and industries the problems of how happened and what happened in front of our eyes.


This technology can be used in automobile sectors by creating the virtual model of any vehicles and connected vehicles. Thus, this helps us to interact directly with the components of vehicles by accessing the virtual model of the same vehicles or connected vehicles.

This helps to visualize the prediction of breakage and helps in monitoring roads and obstacles. This helps understand the position of other vehicles and their dimension dynamically.

This technology improves the feature of autonomous vehicles by providing virtual assistance to the user in the car.

Digital Twin improves user experiences by showing them what is understood by the autonomous system. So that users can understand how vehicles are handled by systems.

 Smart Cities

This technology helps any government and construction companies to model the feasible and efficient construction of any cities and environmental impact can be analyzed before its construction.

The modeled city using Digital Twin can be viewed, verified, and analyzed by any people and can be built the actual building efficiently.

 Healthcare and Hospitality

Digital Twin plays numerous ways in the health department by prototyping the organs affected in a human or animal’s body.

The function of affected organs will be compared with the actual data function of the organs. The comparison can be done visually with the affected one with the actual one. The difference also can be obtained visually.

 Retail industry

The customer experience can be improved while using a product and the usage can be shown visually. Here Digital Twin plays important role in service also.

They can interact with the product and able to understand the function of a product before its creation. The feature of the product can be explained visually and can be customized any product with the help of Digital Twin technology used in the markets.

Digital Twin and Industry 4.0

Digital Twin technology is going to play a very important role in the fourth industrial revolution that is also known as Industry 4.0.

This technology is also going to play a much more important role in the media and marketing industries by helping the industry with virtual features and virtual technology.

The operators can access any machines for their training with the help of Digital Twin and able to see parts of all equipment with the help of infographics created with the equipment or vehicles.

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