Creation of Company

                                                                Creation of Company

In this blog post, I am starting the first Organisational Unit in Enterprise Structure in SAP that is company.

And while explaining these organizational units I wanted to share my experience also so that you can feel what I have done wrong and where I am mistaken.

And you will be careful in avoiding those mistakes again.

Creating Company in SAP project is completely the responsibility of the Finance consultant, this data will be verified with all the consultant, confirmed and the client will approve this.

Then, FI Consultant creates the organizational structure.

First, you need to understand that company and company both are different and multiple company codes can be created under a company in SAP.

While I am started learning SAP and I tried to understand enterprise structure or organizational structure, I always used to think that company and company code both are same.

A company is a unit in SAP to address a place, location, currency usage used to fetch the reporting of financial statements of any company.

Once company is created this can be assigned to company code and the company creation optional and enterprises can go without creating company also.

But company code is very important as this needs to assign all financial related entries.

The following path can be used to create company in SAP using SPRO menu


SPRO means SAP Project reference object where you will have many customising options and each module can be configured for matching the process its enterprises own.

IMG —-> Enterprise Structure —-> Definition —-> Financial Accounting —-> Define Company.

Creation of Company

                                                                       Creation of Company

Transaction Code

T-code means transaction code which needs to be placed in transaction box in SAP then execute using F8 or Enter Button.

T code: OX15 – Define Company

Creation of Company

You have to click on New Entries on above screen. And Company, Company name, Name of company2, Address, Country code, Language and Currency needs to be entered.

Creation of Company

When you executing this, you will go the next page where you will find the header with “Internal Trading partners”, suddenly you don’t go out and check your t code, you are correct in the correct page, but they have changed the header name, but it is the same as Defining company.

Creation of Company
  Creation of Company

Once you saved the entries, the company will be created.

Company is created.

Please drop if you have any questions


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