Cloud Computing Basics

Cloud computing is a new technology where these computing facilities like storage, server, processing of data, software setup, and networking can be provided by the third-party system or in its company setup.

Here organization that uses a cloud system is no need to worry about any hardware requirements and no need to spend any money on its hardware.

Third-party companies take care of the hardware equipment and their cost.

In this way, corporate companies or any individuals can access their data in the cloud system and can get all benefits of the cloud system.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud Computing is the type of computing that offers the storage, allows to process the data, helps to retrieve the data whenever required and wherever required, gives safety features for confidential data, and securing the data.

Normally these data can be accessed, processed, analyzed, and required data can be stored again.

The data can be handled without the help of server or hardware equipment in an organization.

The third-party maintains the required server and hardware for providing a cloud facility.

So, the organization can concentrate only on their business.

Origin of Cloud Computing

The users realized while using the mail that the data can be kept very safe way in the sent folder.

Until deleting these files they still exist in the sent folder and found that this will not be deleted until this goes for any changes even particular computer system crashed and all the data got deleted.

They are able to use the uploaded file sending to a recipient in the mailing system.

And whereas local machines, the stored data erased once a system crash happen accidentally.

This is the way they found that the data kept in the mail are safe.

They will not be affected by the system crash or any virus threat.

They imagined that the kind of storage storing the files and will not be trashed for any reason and felt that these files are safe and wherever they want the files can be accessed.

Risk and fear of losing the data got reduced when these files uploaded in this system. This responsibility also goes to the third party who takes care of the files in said system.

At the same time, the corporate also needs to develop more storage for their easy data handling and improve efficiency, want more real-time users to process testing the real-time data.

Now Corporate companies facilitate the user by providing the high storage system and wanted to do more testing on the sample data of users so that to find the data handling behavior.

Predicted Origin of Cloud Computing

The birth of cloud computing just happened like people imagine the way the data is just handled in the mail system and want the portability of the data wherever.

So, cloud computing just started as a storage system and later they have added another feature to handle the software in cloud computing and further corporate companies find that the handling of hardware equipment by small companies and their difficulties in handling IT equipment.

So, they have come with idea that “Why don’t we create a cloud system that storage, data processing without hardware and server for the organizations”.

The companies are able to reduce the cost using the third-party cloud storage system and providing full control to third-party systems in IT equipment handling.

What is cloud computing with examples?

Cloud computing can be used in different ways. We can see one by one with the cloud computing provider. And there are multiple usages of the cloud system – Storage, online education, marketing, healthcare, infrastructure, and computing for Government.

The cloud computing can be used in the following service models 1) Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) 2) Software as a Service (SaaS) and 3) Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  1. Storage

The storage facility is given by many corporate giants like Google, Micro-soft, and Facebook, etc.

All types of data will be stored in different categories. The following companies provide the storage facility in the cloud system.

  1. DropBox,
  2. Google Drive and
  3. Facebook are a few examples where we can store the bulk of data.

Here you can store all types of documents, images, and audio and video documents.

  1. Online Education

Cloud computing provides the facilities of an online education system where students, teachers can store, share, and present to a group of people.

The following companies support in online education

  1. YouTube,
  2. Rata Type, and
  3. Amazon Webservices
  1. Government Support

The data used by the state government and central government will be stored. And the confidentiality of data will be maintained – geological data, political data, the data of all citizens. And military setup data can be used to store and retrieve immediate action and do the necessary action and take decisions.

The Government expects the corporate to support confidentially here security is more important and needs to ensure the safety and security of data.

The corporate companies provide cloud services with high-level confidentiality and wherever the immediate support required they deliver quality service because of requirements.

  1. Healthcare

The cloud system can be used in all hospitals to know the status of the health of all patients and animals. With the help of IoT and edge computing, the processing speed of the data is completely gone in new dimensional where the automatic decision can be taken by the ML and AI.

The following companies facilitate cloud support in the health care system.

  1. Clear Data team,
  2. IBM cloud services and
  3. Dell Health System
  1. Marketing Automation

There are multiple marketing automation systems that can be used to drive the consumer towards the prosumer. And this can be done with the help of the cloud system.

The cloud system stores all data are relevant to the geographical location based customers and storing their consumption pattern each customer, whenever the user opens a web application, the advertisement required to trigger, sales and cross-selling the products.

The search data will be stored as pe their ID and whenever they are accessing the data this data triggers automatic ways.

  1. Adobe marketing cloud
  2. Google Ad-sense automation
  3.  Amazon Marketing
  1. Infrastructure

The small and medium enterprise wants to concentrate on their business only where they are not interested to have any sort of hardware equipment which support software functioning. They can use the public cloud.

  1. Digital Ocean
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Google Cloud engine
  4. Rack space Open cloud

What are the types of Cloud computing?

The cloud can be divided into the different types and these types are

1) Private Cloud

2) Public Cloud

3) Hybrid Cloud

Private Cloud

A private cloud is the cloud infrastructure used by the only one organization and its ownership and risk of any losses can be with themselves or can be controlled by other parties.

The organization that owns the cloud is not sharing any computing technology with other organizations.

The hardware equipment used for private cloud owned by the organization or third party who helps the organization.

Public Cloud

As the name says public, this cloud facility can be accessed by the public on a need basis.

These cloud services will be shared with many customers through web service or cloud accessing software.

On a subscription basis periodically, the cloud service will be provided to the users or customers.

The security of the data remains the same as the cloud services in public common to all and again the same security system will be followed up as a private cloud.

There will not be any compromise on security in any cloud system and their services.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is another type of cloud service where this combines both features of private and public cloud service.

This cloud system is a more powerful cloud service as it combines both the features.

Which companies are providing cloud computing?

There are many companies providing cloud services to the user and corporate companies.

These companies provide the cloud services in all service models like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Here are the companies providing cloud computing

  1. Amazon Web Services
  2. IBM Cloud
  3. Microsoft Azure
  4. Google Cloud System
  5. SAP
  6. Rack space
  7. RedHat
  8. Verizon Cloud
  9. DropBox
  10. Oracle
  11. Salesforce

Among these cloud services Amazon, Microsoft and Google Cloud services are famous and leaders in the cloud system they are supporting their customers in a good way.

Conclusion – The cloud computing provides many facilities to the small and medium enterprises as well as corporate giants. And Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence integrated with the cloud system is changing the way data needs to be handling and changing the usage in different dimensions.

If you have any more doubts, feel free to ask in the comment box.


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