Internet of Things (IoT) is for all, IoT can be used in all ways and all fields. For example, IoT technology can be used in manufacturing, industry, telecom, design, and automobile, etc.

This post gives some insights into how IoT used in automobiles especially in cars and how a UK Company is involved in Autonomous Car technology and who are all collaborated with that company.

The purpose of IoT is very clear. That is to help vehicles in driving without any human intervention. The human interaction in the vehicles is completely disabled to achieve this automation in driving.

The computer program watches the road route and follows the instruction, and road rules will be followed as per the program fed into the autonomous system.

The road rules will be programmed as per the rule of the country where vehicles drive.


ServCity is a UK firm involved in facilitating autonomous vehicles and they are helping the urban cities with their complex problem. ServCity automates the things to process smoothly.

ServCity is a research program that helps the cities with any problems.

ServCity helps cities by providing the potential of autonomous mobility solutions and accelerate the deployment of solutions.

For autonomous vehicles, they are conducting test facilities before public road testing. Their approach is very different than the technology that is more beyond technology and it is about the whole journey towards implementing autonomous vehicles.

ServCity concentrates in three areas,

  1. Technology
  2. People
  3. Scalability

Technology in Autonomous Vehicles

ServCity uses the camera sensors and objects will be identified by the sensors. This sensor communicates to the central system in vehicles where the system able to drive the car according to the objects.

This UK start-up Company deploys technologies and next-generation autonomy to overcome the complexities of automated driving in busy cities.

In the first step, ServCity investigates how the autonomous vehicle technology can be deployed successfully in built-up areas – – for example, navigating through busy streets.

Second Step, ServCity uses a system approach by exploring how infrastructure outside vehicles can support onboard technology and reduce overall cost.

For example, if we install more cameras and sensors on lampposts, how does that impact on the onboard autonomous vehicle technologies.

People – User Experience

ServCity works in creating a user experience that puts people at the center of consideration. They involve understanding and capturing how people behave with motor vehicles as of today.

They are involving in researching the barriers to adopt autonomous vehicles and they are researching for understanding the need of the people in autonomous mobile and what needs to be there for the future in autonomous vehicles.

They are working for the autonomous vehicle where everyone needs.


SevCity is working on the possibility of autonomous vehicles economically and technically.

They are trying to understand where the market of autonomous vehicles goes and where demand is high in terms of technology.

The infrastructure of the city exists needs to be considered for implementing autonomous vehicles along with the side technology and user experience. They are collecting ideas that how the infrastructure can be adapted for the future.

And how autonomous vehicles need to be built-up for future requirements.

Here resources are very limited to implement on the technology side, testing, and, deployment side.

And the budget is also very low and investors also looking for the profitability where these need to be focused.

ServCity helps by researching for developing the guidelines for Autonomous vehicles providers and city authorities to build business models for autonomous vehicles.

Partners in deploying Autonomous Vehicles

There is a lot of technology that will be required for deploying autonomous/connected vehicles. They need expertise in each area to implement the connected autonomous vehicle.

Because of their previous experience in autonomous/connected vehicles, the latest arrival of technology and challenges in combining domain expertise made them bring together public and private sector organizations to develop new solutions and insights to inform the future of autonomous vehicles.

The UK’s Innovation agency and the center for connected Autonomous vehicles (CCAV) funding this project of autonomous vehicles lead by Nissan.

  • Nissan – Providing 100% electric vehicle and advanced driving technology
  • CPC- Catapult – helps in technology and innovation
  • HITACHI – Focus on meeting the complex technology
  • TRL – Developing safety System
  • The University of Nottingham – Conducting and analyzing user studies
  • SBD – helps in the design of a smartphone-based app for autonomous vehicles.

Thus, ServCity helps in providing future based autonomous vehicles assistance, technologies, user study, infrastructure requirements, and guidelines.

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