The mobile apps are loved by People. Each year the graze of love with mobile app going up. The colors, animation, sound, communication, messaging, social networking attracts people unconditionally.

People are fall in love with apps which are giving much more benefits to the user.

The mobile apps connecting the people tightly and they are not with loved also it is filling vacuum of lack of love.

The messages are exchanged, videos are shared, and good contents are shared to the team or group in society.

The information in form of news spread the world in single snap of fingers. Everybody connected and no one is out of network.

The domination of technology is carried out in the dimension of mobile App in last one decade. The users are very crazy about mobile app.

If anything required, they immediately search in IOS app store or Google Play Store or Blackberry. They expect that there will be the app for everything.

Anybody can create any app as an individual or corporate. Nobody stops this.

What is app economy?

App economy refers to the different transactional of things, money, or content over the mobile application. Behind every transaction there will be the money exchange or information.

Apps helps the user from morning once wakeup to the night till sleep by the way this exchange money to the different community.

There is product, which is being sent through the App, there is the service, which is being sent through the apps, Money is going through the app, Corporate work also carried out in form digital with the App.

Mobile app developer getting the money and user who consume the data using the app also enjoys the money.

Whole mobile app developed by the developer spends the same through the mobile app only. Net connectivity and features of mobile app changed the entire society life in the world.

So, the money circulates here and there, and supply creation and demand satisfaction fulfilled by mobile app. This is known as App economy.

What is the market size of mobile app?

Most apps are developed by China and United states and other countries like UK, South Korea and Japan are developing mobile app. But china and US are mostly dominating in developing the mobile app.

Nearly $ 200 Billion value of size is the current global app market size and most market value is around in the country India. 5 Billion installs are made in last quarter of the year. This is alone by the single country.

Most of the sales include around with product and services and there are some digital products like music, Audio, Video, E books, Paid download, App Purchase and monthly yearly subscriptions.

Online sales like Walmart, AliBaba and Amazon, Video and Audio products with Amazon Prime and Netflix.

How many apps are used in Average phone?

Nearly one smart phone, iOS or Google Play, downloads nearly 150 mobile application and used by the user frequently.

There are 3 million app available in Google Play alone. Much of the apps are not used by the many users due to the lack of updates and not having current data.

How corporate uses mobile app?

Yes, mobile apps are developed by the specification given by the corporate, the brand image will be followed as per the recommended way.

A Banking companies created its own app and asks their user to use so that extraordinary services provided by the corporate in few touches.

In HR service in a company, the attendance and salary details and all other data handled through mobile app.

Mobile app in form of Skype, Team, Zoom, Google Connect helps the user sitting from anywhere in the world. User can enjoy with Talk and go.

What are the mobile apps downloaded mostly?

There are mobile apps downloaded for Gaming, Social media, Banking, Messaging, Audio and video sharing, mimicking, reading, stock markets and etc.

The following apps are frequently used apps in the end of the last decade. These are

  1. Facebook
  2. Whatsapp
  3. Instagram
  4. TIK TOK
  5. YouTube
  6. ShareIt
  7. SnapChat
  8. LinkedIn
  9. Gmail
  10. Yahoo Mail

These apps are liked mostly by the App users and most of the revenue generated by the these organisation with limited people working for the entire users

What is best app liked by all people?

Tik Tok is the only app liked by the many people in many countries which is developed by the Chinese company called ByteDance.

This app has most singed user in their hand and few country banned due to the security reason and American Government is trying buy the Tik Tok America.

So everyday and every year the growth of the global app market is unable to stop, unstoppable. There is high technology called 5G network going to be introduced so that the connectivity and app response will be so high.

Many countries like US, China and South Korea introduced their 5G connectivity in their country. The race is just started and anyway this is going to hit high.

Everywhere app will be used and transaction will carried out in everywhere through mobile app.

Wonderful thing about the mobile app is that uses colors, animation, interesting sounds, portable to use and immediate response while touching the mobile screen.

Nobody stops trillion dollars achievement in future days.

What is the current trend in mobile app market?

India is greatest country which is having more potential on its mobile economy. More than 500 million smart phones in Indian users are using the mobile apps.

At the same time current border friction over two economical giant country like China and India leads one other developing the economy. Either one loose or one gain. But nobody stops both the country from going with App economy.

So, there are lot of employment is going to produce in both countries. The creative app developer will have very good opportunity in growing up with App.

To conclude, the app economy changes the life of the people and the way they work. And because of this sudden surge in the economy the dimension of the data handling will lead the change of economy of the world.


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