What is 5G? Why it is called 5G?

5G- Fifth Generation wireless network connectivity. This technology uses the OFDM method (Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) for transforming the signals from one end to another end. This is an advanced technology that extends a single carrier in multiple carriers used in transforming the signals.

This technology built-in IEEE wireless networking standard and is based on low cost, low latency, and low battery consumption.

What are other G’s?

This 5G technology is next to the earlier G’s – 0G, 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G and the most advanced single transferring method. 5G is different from previous G’s as it usages and advantages. The following is a small glance at previous G’s.

          0G – First Wireless telephones with 0G technology – MTS (Mobile Telephone System)–in the 1980s

          1G – First generation of Wireless telephones which is used for Voice Conversation

          2G –  Mobile Phones or Second Generation – SMS, MMS, GPRS

          3G-  Third Generation – High-Speed Internet, Audio and Video Streaming, Video Conversing Support

          4G- Higher speed in internet connectivity than 3G, LTE Support, Web access, and Gaming Services, HD

          mobile TV, Video Conferencing, 3D TV, High-speed Android App

          5G – Based on IEEE wireless  technology and working in the method OFDM used in Internet of Things

          (IoT), Smart City and autonomous car and ubiquitous healthcare and so on.

How does 5G network work?

5G network uses a type of encoding as used by 4g LTE called OFDM and its air interface designed for much lower latency and flexibility in transferring signals.

This technology uses cell sites that divide each territory into sectors and send encoded data into radio waves.

The speed of the 5G network can be much faster than 4G as its technology is built in a way that reduces losses and delays in transforming the data with improved speed.

What is Small Cell Sites?

The high towers or highest peak will be used for mounting cellular sites. These are also known as macro sites or main cellular sites. And there are smaller cell sites or microsites are clustered around main cellular sites and these are all used to transmit the signals to the locals.

What is the femtocell, picocell, and microcell?

These small cell sites are made up of a different type of cell-based on the usage and reach of signals. The variations are femtocell, picocell, and microcell which are derived as per the usages.

          Femto Cell – 4 to 32 Users – distance around a few 10s meters

          PICO cell – 64 to 128 Users– distance around 10s of  meters

          MicroCell – 128 to 256 Users– distance around few 100 meters

          Metro Cell – More than 250 Users – distance around 100s of meters

So there is the main site which is also known as High Tower and these small towers or cells communicate with the main tower for the signals. And small sites distribute the signals to laptops, mobiles, and other devices when requires.

What are the applications of 5G?

5G network reinvent everything that we are using right now. This enables different dimensions of media, audio and video quality, autonomous driving cars, Virtual reality, Live video streaming, live sports experience, Digital Twin technology, live 3D meeting and conferences, gaming experiences, connected vehicles, Computer Vision, advanced robots, internet of things, AI and Machine Learning.

   Virtual Reality

5G changes the dimensions of digital media which uses high definition quality 3D technology where users able touch-feel and sense things. The User will feel the real-time world where they are sitting. 5G do wonders in digital media. Digital Twin uses 5G technology.

   Autonomous Vehicles – Artificial Intelligence

5G technology will be used in autonomous where cars drive without any human intervention and use AI. All vehicles will be connected in a single 5G network while driving on a road. The position of all cars will be accessible in the upcoming days. The road length, no of cars, all routes, car specification, environmental control, road control, accident data and government regulation will be mapped in a single network.

   5G enabled Robots

In the future, 5G will be integrated with robotic technology where the robot will be controlled and performed accurately. The new invention of 5G integrated robot technology can be used in hospitals, restaurant, and manufacturing facilities

   Internet of Things (IOTs)

5G enabled Internet of Things can be used in interconnected with sensors and cloud computing where the status of the pieces of machinery and environment will be updated and necessary actions will be undertaken in case of going to next activity or breakdown automatically.

   Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the future of any automation if 5G integrated with it, it will result in a most advanced way and the end-user enjoys the most effective output. The factories and manufacturing facility will be producing a cost-effective product. The immediate responses of the signals are key to the factors in cost-effective and high-quality products.

To conclude about 5G technologies, 5G is a revolutionary technology which is designed for all area like media to machines and environment to the deep sea. But when coming to the negative side, usage of such technology, high radio waves, high-frequency signals disturbs the path of birds. This technology interrupting the lives of birds and reduce the birth rate of birds. In Belgium People believes that the 5G network causes Corona Virus to spread.

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