5G Picocell
5G Picocell

This blog post is about Picocell which is used in internet connectivity which spread the signal received from a high range tower to the users.

What is Picocell?

This is the network hardware system sized like a suitcase with network circuit where these circuit processing the signals supplies near local.

Picocell is used in other networks and this Picocell hardware can be used in exchanging information with the help of 5G technology.

This picocell is the small-sized cellular assisted base station works like an antenna system which is used to extend the wireless services to the local area where building, malls, offices, and other electronic equipment.

Many telecom network providers use the picocells as signal extender where signals are low to travel.

And mainly telecom providers only operate the picocell whereas the femtocell completely owned by the users.

The maintenance also will be required by the picocell by the network provider, not from the user. This is to clearly understand by all PICOCELLs are installed and maintained by the network provider only.

Picocell Specifications

The usage specification of the 5G PICOCELL as follows.

Coverage Area         : Within 200 M

Supports users         : Within 32 users

Connection method  : Wired and Fiber

Energy                      : 1 watts

Cost-Effective          : Low Cost

How picocell works?

Picocells are intermediate between user and high tower where this receives and supplies the signals to the user from network towers. These cells use MIMO techniques – Multiple Input, Multiple Output.

Picocells are installed in small buildings, offices where low signals are received as this is the size of a suitcase only.

This is base station sized like a suitcase, and easy to mount anywhere, take less time and cost in maintenance, working efficiently and effectively.

Femtocells are receiving the signals from picocells and sharing the network signals to the users.

Femtocells are operated by users and Picocells are operated by the network providers.

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