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5G MicroCell is the part of 5G connectivity where this microcell communicates the signals from the macro cell and making all users connected in the local area.

This is one of the small cell towers where small amounts of signals are used to transmit.

The local are will be covered with the  hotels, malls, transportation firm, and using the mobile, tablet, computer, and communication connectors the data can be consumed by the users.

The microcell can be fixed in the local infrastructure where the macro cell is not possible to accommodate the space in the local area.

In all local areas, fixing the large size mobile tower is not possible and, in this place, the microcell can be used to transmits the signals and connectivity can be provided.

MicroCell does not take much space and its box looks like a small freezer box and the range of microcell is two-kilo meters.

In case more connectivity is required by the company or local additional microcell can be installed as per the requirements to cover the area.

5G Microcell – Usage Specification

The usage specification of the 5G microcell as follows.

Coverage Area         : Within 2 Kms

Supports users         : With in 20 users

Connection method  : Wired and Fiber

Energy                      : 100 milliwatts

Cost-Effective          : Low Cost

How MicroCell works?

The working concept of the microcell is MIMO – advanced technique called (Multiple Input and Multiple Output).

MIMO uses multiple transmission techniques that use multiple antennas within its system.

Application 5G Microcell

This microcell can be used in a smart city and a variety of equipment and communication tools can use internet connectivity from the microcell.

The autonomous or connected cars can use the internet connectivity from the microcell and this needs to enabled overall area here small cell tower – microcell can be used.

There are other small cell tower technologies – Femto Cell, Pico Cell, this is also helping in the smart city, smart home and connected vehicles, other equipment, and can be used in moving objects.

This MicroCell technology is one type of small cell tower technology requires less space, can be used in more density are like large cities, and is low-cost equipment.

Internet of Things requires high range massive data, and all devices need to be connected with a 5G network. Microcell is also one of the elements which can be used in IoT.

This Microcell can be used in computer vision and Digital Twin also

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