5G Femtocell
5G Femtocell

Femto Cell is a smaller device than Microcell and this cell can be used inside of the home where this receives the 5G signals from the towers and amplify the signals inside the home.

Femto Cell helps in-network coverage where signals are weak, just receives and amplifies the signals so that the high-intensity network enjoyed using mobile devices, tablets, Laptop, and desktop computers.

Femtocells are low power wireless accessing points and enhancing the signals spread across the house around 20 to 30 m.

These cells are indoor base station occupy less space, requires very less energy, and covers the entire house around 20 m to 30 m.

Mobile phones, Tablets, and computers can be connected to high speed and reliable internet.

Femtocell network

There is not much infrastructure required to use the femtocell network and this femtocell is not required any centralized internet or connectivity hub and this cell is required simply network connectivity.

This receives the signal from the network provider and passes the signals to the defined area where users can consume the data using laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

In the same way, this femtocell responds back to the network provider in case of anything sent by the user and ensures the network connectivity always.

This femtocell is the single printed circuit board, requires very less power consumption and receives the signals from anywhere from the network available on the particular area, and amplifies the signals to the nearby users.

The base station femtocell is very small and helps in transfer the data from home broadband connection and normal connection may not cover all the area the home and here femtocell plays an important role.

There may be the possibility of a loss of connectivity lose due to the transfer of data from the network provider to home signals.

Femtocell is a very good choice for the SME industries because of the cost (SME – Small and Medium Enterprises).

Femtocell Specification

The usage specification of the 5G femtocell as follows.

Coverage Area         : Within 10 M

Supports users         : Within 4 to 30 users

Connection method  : Wired and Fiber

Energy                      : 20 milliwatts

Cost-Effective          : Low Cost

Anyway, future technology always improves the connectivity and the same will be done for femtocell too.

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